The Uninvited Ombudsman Report

by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America
May 11, 2006

A number of smaller newspapers, web news services and radio stations have already picked up the Page Nine concept and have published the first Uninvited Ombudsman report. Permission is granted to circulate this report and encourage your own local media to run it. Reports are always available at, use the blue button on the home page.


First, corrections and clarifications:

1. Thanks for all the praise for the "lamestream media" phrase. I got it from Minuteman founder Chris Simcox, so the praise should go to him, except he got from somewhere else, and doesn’t remember where.

2. It's true that the Arizona "clean" elections law, which gives away public money to private political candidates based on how much money their opponents have been able to raise, applies only to state run elections. The analogy to federal senate democrat candidate Pederson, who has already used $2 million of his own money, was misleading and for this I apologize.

However, a new report from the Goldwater Institute indicates that, contrary to promised results, "clean" elections have not limited spending, not widened the field, has protected incumbents and hurt newcomers, reduced primary candidates, placed burdens on political speech, introduced confusing regulatory schemes, and should be scrapped, an opinion widely held outside "news" media circles, but which goes unreported.

3. I think anyone willing to walk 40 miles through blazing Arizona desert to get to a job interview is the kind of highly motivated employee you want to find.

That doesn't mean that illegal entry into the country or our national immigration policies are good or should be supported, and I agree the racism of some of the support groups out there is unacceptable.



The lamestream media told you:
The Phoenix Suns won the basketball playoffs in a stunning sold-out three-game come-from-behind win and devastating defeat of the far-better Los Angeles Lakers.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Private ball parks built with taxpayer money taken from the public treasury have been generating record profits for the private owners, astronomical salaries for the all-male players, and page-one glory stories from the "news" media.

No legitimate constitutional authority for building private stadiums with the public's money can be found. Politicians justify the schemes by salivating over sales tax revenues that will be earned, after huge tax breaks to the stadium and team owners expire. News outlets, instead of reporting neutrally, often promote the plans.


The lamestream media told you:
"Undocumented immigrants" are protesting for rights they believe they have by reason of their presence in America.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The National Association of Hispanic Journalists has advised its members and all journalists to stop using the phrase illegal immigrants. The American principle of free speech prohibits the National Association of Hispanic Journalists from enforcing its rule and may only use publicity, social pressure, ostracism, calls for diversity and sensitivity, and political correctness to help implement its unreported policy.

No National Association of White Journalists exists, and when asked, several reporters said such a group would be considered racist. The largely White leadership of the Society of Professional Journalists embraces and promotes diversity in its programs and publications, and cooperates locally with The Arizona Association of Black Journalists (the local chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists), the Arizona Latino Media Association, Asian-American Journalists of Arizona, the Native American Journalists Association and the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association.


The lamestream media told you:
President Bush is urging seniors to quickly sign up for the new federal prescription drug benefit approved by both parties in Congress. With the sign-up deadline approaching, nearly seven million eligible seniors have not registered, and they will lose out on all that money if they don't act soon.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The current unfunded liability of the program (Medicare Part D) is more than 16 trillion dollars. Drug makers, who will get this money, support the idea. Current plans will have the system bankrupt in just 12 years. No legitimate constitutional authority for taking all that money from the public treasury, and giving it away to any special interest group (older people in this case) can be found.

Redistributing wealth in this manner, that is, taking from some and giving to others, is the heart of socialism, the arch enemy of the American Dream. No information on losses, corruption, waste, cost overruns, bureaucratic expenses, percentages that actually make it to the drug companies, or their profit projections, has been reported.

The Liberty Poll, a series of questions for politicians, which are avoided by the lamestream media, asks: "6 - Can you name areas where government might serve the public interest, but where it has no authority to act? If not, is it still accurate to say we have "government of limited powers"? Does this matter?"

See the rest of the Poll here:


The lamestream media told you:
Oil companies are under government scrutiny for price gouging, and price controls may be set by federal regulators.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Arab and other oil suppliers have been raising their prices and limiting their output, leading to increased costs to American consumers.

Oil companies, which make between 8–10% profit on the retail sale of gasoline, are pale compared to as much as 50 cents per gallon added by government taxes. Google, a search engine that doesn't have to distribute physical products, clearing 24% profit, along with thousands of other high-profit businesses, are mysteriously not under investigation for gouging.

Making profit based on customer demand is called free enterprise, a symbol of a free country. Central control of price by government "authorities" is a principle of socialism, the arch enemy of the American Dream. Historically, free enterprise leads to abundance and socialistic controls lead to economic depression.

Industry analysts say that the fastest and best way to find and tap new fuel supplies, develop alternate fuels, more efficient engines, new means of transit, and reduce dependence on foreign oil from nations that generally hate us, is to simply let natural market forces work through rising gas prices.

As prices get higher, exploration, innovation and Americans are incentivized. By artificially holding gas prices down, the government helps suppress such free-market-driven advances, and defeats the American spirit that has generated all this prosperity in the first place.


The lamestream media told you:
Nothing lately about the civil war supposedly raging in Iraq.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
According to a report in Accuracy in Media ( original reports on the civil war were grossly exaggerated, and no civil war actually exists. Public opinion polls taken immediately after the exaggerated news reports indicated a majority of Americans believed Iraq was about to enter or had entered a civil war between rival Muslim sects that hate each other, and that President Bush was largely to blame.

The news distortions that lead to phony poll results demonstrate one of the fundamental problems when the public is misinformed.

Although civil war has not materialized, no corrections have been published. The rival Muslim religious factions however do still apparently hate each other. The AIM newsletter (free) has stats and details.


The lamestream media told you:
Anonymous, unnamed and unidentified sources said many things in stories across the country today. Despite this "news" media trend, the media's own internal surveys indicate their credibility is decreased by using anonymous sources.

The late great Washington Post columnist and reporter Jack Anderson, however, in a moment of candor at a speech in Phoenix, indicated that the only valuable sources are the anonymous ones, because no one else is willing to go on the record to reveal the dirty innards of what's really going on. Without such candid remarks readers would get little more than official pronouncements.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
In an increasing trend, a greater number of news stories are provided by unnamed "wire service reports" or Associated Press reports with no byline. When you begin counting the number of stories in your local papers that have a "byline" with no name besides the company it came from, shock often sets in at how many stories run this way. Recent reviews show as much as 60% of the front page and 80% of the insides carry no writer's name.

In the Monday, May 8 edition of the Arizona Republic (second largest Gannett paper after USA Today), ten national and world news briefs are attributed simply to "Wire Services." The writer behind a story attacking President Bush's light-hearted comment about fishing for bass is attributed to "Associated Press," and a poll saying 40% of Americans play video games instead of watching TV is attributed again to "Associated Press." The writers could not be identified for comment.



See the SPJ Code of Ethics here:

Learn about Accuracy in Media, the Wash., D.C.-based advocacy group:
(Membership is free, donations are accepted; they provide amazing reports, and addressed postcards you can send to the most abusive news outlets.)


Thanks for reading!
The Uninvited Ombudsman


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