PAGE NINE -- No. 20

by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America



The Uninvited Ombudsman Report, No. 20
by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America
Nov. 28, 2006

I'm proposing a new page for newspapers ("Page Nine" regardless of the page it runs on), that covers stories afresh, not the way news rooms typically flavor things. It would help reduce the distrust so many readers feel. It could be the most read page in the paper.

Here's a casual sample. It might make you say, "We'll NEVER run that!" but the page is being built around ad revenues from clear-thinking mainstream businesses.

Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America
"The Uninvited Ombudsman"


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1- YES! It's Counterintuitive Man! No?
2- Judiciary Committee Stacked
3- Freshman Congressman "Trained"
4- Darfur Gun Controls
5- Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni on:
    Anticipated Democratic Breakthroughs
6- Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni on:
    Hispanic Single Moms
7- Rumsfeld Gets Riced
8- Handouts Aren't Charity
9- Special Guest Correspondent Charlie Cutshaw
responds to Cantoni's remarks about idolizing police officers
who kill themselves while breaking the law --



1- Korwin's new super-hero alter-ego, Counterintuitive Man, says:

The secret new multi-plan for elections is working swell!

The public is getting disgusted with the process, lowering the number of votes!

New voting equipment is so faulty and untraceable more and more people don't trust it at all!

Results now take weeks instead of one day, disgusting even die-hard voters!

The ballots have gotten so long people vote by closing their eyes, or voting all "No," or leaving a lot of the choices blank, watering down the result!

More than a third of the public casts votes by mail, so they don't even know (or care) if their vote was delivered!

Early voting is getting popular, which means people can vote for someone who, on election day, is dead, indicted, under investigation, in prison, or off the ballot (like Mark Foley), wasting their vote with no recourse, helping to reduce the validity of voting! (nationally 14% in 2000, 22% in 2004; 100% in Oregon; -The Economist)

The candidates are all selected by the power elite, so no matter who wins, the only thing that changes is who gets fat! "Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss!"

Yes, in the effort to deconstruct America, entrench socialist values, eliminate the successful hegemony of the White Man, and move toward collectivism to crush freedom and drub the rights of pesky individuals -- for the common good of course -- the multi-plan for elections is working swell, no?

Counterintuitive Man says: It's not Left v. Right, it's the State v. You.


2- The lamestream media told you:

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Senate Democrats have already made their committee assignments and stacked the gun-policy Judiciary Committee with the bottom of the anti-gun barrel -- Leahy, Kennedy, Schumer, Feinstein, Durbin, Biden, Feingold, Kohl, Cardin, and Whitehouse. Republicans still control the committee's business for the next week or two. Standard Democrat gun-policy positions (arsenal licenses, ending gun shows, gun bans, ammo bans, etc.) were reported in my eblast posted here:


3- The lamestream media told you:
Freshman congressman, just elected, are eagerly traveling to Washington to attend orientation classes for the new officials.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
No news has leaked out about what they teach these people. Who is "they" who does the teaching anyhow?

Who sets the agenda? Is this underframe of government something we should be informed about? No matter who gets elected, some bureaucratic underpinning runs the show, based on what exactly? Don't the reporters know, or care to ask? Can one of us mere citizens sit in and observe, or is it too secret to divulge?

Do the new legislators have to read the Constitution they've been elected to uphold? Are they tested to demonstrate an adequate understanding of it? Wouldn't you like to see their grades?

Are they reminded of their oath and consequences for violating it? Do they get a lecture about the limits of their specifically delegated powers?

Maybe they're just told how to use their franking (free postage) privilege, the hours for the free gym, the locations of the cloak rooms (a code name for their free bars), record-keeping for their travel and expense allowances, what to expect from lobbyists, and how to use the other services we taxpayers provide for them.

When they learn the rules that keep Congress running the way it always does, is any hope for fundamental change quashed? "That's not the way we do things here, sir," said the bureaucrat to his new temporary boss.


4- The lamestream media told you:
The genocide of unarmed victims in Darfur is unfathomably bad, but no one has acted to stop it, the U.N. has failed to issue any meaningful sanctions against the openly racist Islamist dictatorship in Khartoum perpetrating it, or to even call it a genocide.

More than two million people have been brutally murdered so far, many by "Janjaweed" Arab militias acting for the dictatorship, with its support. The dead are largely black Christian and Animist Africans in the southern part of the country, though black Muslims, considered inferior by the ruling clique, have fallen as well.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The current Notre Dame Law Review (Vol. 81, No. 4) points out that national gun-control statutes for the Darfur victims effectively prevent self defense. A permit applicant must be over 30 years old, have specified social and economic status, and be physically examined by a doctor. A handgun owner can legally purchase only 15 rounds of ammunition a year, hardly enough to gain any level of proficiency. Violation of the gun control laws include severe penalties, ranging up to execution by the government.

In contrast, the dictatorship conducting the genocide supplies its Janjaweed proxy army of Arab militants with more guns than they can carry, including machine guns. It then supports attacks on defenseless villagers with aerial bombardment, to soften them up prior to ground assault.

Written by David B. Kopel, Paul Gallant and Joanne D. Eisen, the extensively researched article, "Is Resisting Genocide a Human Right?" breaks new ground on the rights of mass-slaughter victims to act against their government in their own defense. It was largely ignored by the lamestream media. The international community essentially tolerates or even facilitates genocide through squabbling, inaction and feckless sanctions that save no lives. Read the abstract here:

They conclude that although smuggling arms to a population facing genocide would undoubtedly violate gun-control laws of the genocidal state, acting to prevent such arms transfers would make a state or other entity complicit in the genocide, in direct violation of the official Genocide Convention of 1948, current U.N. protocols and binding international law.


5- Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni

Gas prices to drop to $1.25

Hallelujah! Now that Democrats have taken control of the House and Senate, we can expect:

- Gas prices to drop to $1.25, because Republicans will no longer be able to feather the nest of Big Oil with obscene profits.

- Cars to run on hydrogen, corn syrup and refried beans, because Republicans will no longer be able to control the laws of physics.

- The wage gap to become nonexistent, because differences in intelligence, drive, determination, personal responsibility, and common sense will be outlawed.

- Unemployment to drop to zero when the minimum wage is increased to $22.35 per hour, because the demand for labor increases when the cost of labor increases, and not the reverse, as ignorant, mean-spirited Republicans had stupidly claimed. [Note: As a wonderful side effect, with minimum wages at nearly $1,000 a week, everyone will get rich and poverty will be eliminated!]

- Test scores of below-average students to skyrocket to above-average levels, because Democrats will outlaw the Republican-invented bell curve.

- The Dow to hit 18,000 in 2007, because it's an economic fact that the best way of growing an economy is to obstruct and penalize risk takers, innovators and the industrious.

- The price of medicine and health care to plummet, because it's another economic fact that when you give people free stuff, demand goes down.

- Foreign investors to swamp the country in capital, because they really don't care about the return on their investments, as the Republicans had led us to believe.

- Government to control even more of the economy, because government is clearly better at allocating scarce resources, as the Soviet Union, Cuba, N. Korea and France have proven.

- Single-parent households to grow exponentially, because Republicans won't be able to spread the lie that such households are the primary cause of poverty, crime and school dropouts.

- Wal-Mart to go out of business, because Republicans won't be able to perpetuate another myth that people prefer low prices to high prices.

- Muslim extremists to stop killing Americans and enslaving women, because their extremism was caused by Republicans, who never understood the glories of multiculturalism and the fact that all cultures are equally good, except the American culture.

In conclusion, since things are going to be so much better with the Democrats controlling Congress, let's hope that they also gain control of the White House.

An author, columnist and small "L" libertarian, Mr. Cantoni can be reached at

[Note: Next chance you get, be sure to ask your new Democratic officials, "What are your plans for defending our right to keep and bear arms?"]

Check out Craig's book, Breaking From The Herd, packed with his unique insight and wry humor (a fine gift!) --


6- Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni is on a roll:

The lamestream media told you:
Single Moms are an increasing part of America's demographic, and although many struggle financially, they are just as capable of raising healthy children as married couples. More federal aid money for single-Mom day-care centers and other uses is sorely needed in tremendous quantities.

The Uninvited Ombudsman's good friend and fellow author Craig Cantoni notes however that:

The statistics are difficult to find in the establishment media, even though they have tremendous implications for society, the economy, K-12 education, America's competitiveness, and your family's financial future.

I found the statistics in the Autumn edition of City Journal magazine, in the following article by Heather Mac Donald:

"Hispanic family values? Runaway illegitimacy is creating a new U.S. underclass."

The article compares birth statistics for Hispanics to birth statistics for other races:

Out-of-Wedlock Births

Hispanics = 45%
Non-Hispanic Whites = 24%
Asians = 15%
Blacks = 68%

Teen Births

Mexican Americans = 93 per 1,000 births
Non-Hispanic Whites = 27 per 1,000
Asians = 17 per 1,000
Blacks = 65 per 1,000
(Note: For an international comparison, Japan has 3.9 and Italy has 6.9 teen births per 1,000.)

Hispanic Birthrate

- Three times higher than Non-Hispanic Whites and Asians
- One-and-one-half times higher than Blacks

By 2050, one in four Americans will be Hispanic. This demographic trend, coupled with the statistics above, will have a huge negative impact on crime rates, poverty rates, dropout rates, and test scores. How do I know? Because it is a fact that teen births and out-of-wedlock births are primary causes of such social pathologies, although it is considered gauche and politically incorrect to say so. [35 percent of single-parent families live in poverty, versus only eight percent of families headed by married parents. --WSJ]

The social pathologies will also have a huge negative impact on your wallet. Never-ending demands for more education spending, more early-childhood-development programs, more socialized medicine, and more redistribution of income -- will make it easier for Hispanic women to marry the state instead of the father of their children. It is the same tragic case we witnessed with Black women after the Great Society.

Admittedly, there is a big positive in all of this. The increased pathologies will bring joy to the great industrial complex of social-welfare agencies, the K-12 public education establishment, and nonprofit advocacy groups. That's because they will have more jobs, bigger empires and increased funding -- from your pocket.

Leftists in the media and academia also will be joyful, as they'll be able to use the pathologies as proof of the failure of capitalism.

What's the solution? It's too late for a solution.

What's my advice? If you're young, emigrate to a country that doesn't have a demographic time bomb and that ranks high on the Index of Economic Freedom. If you're at retirement age, move to a state that doesn't have a demographic time bomb but does have low taxes. If you're at an age in between and can't relocate, bend over and kiss your wallet goodbye.

An author and columnist, Mr. Cantoni can be reached at


7- The lamestream media told you:
Donald Rumsfeld was fired, or resigned, or replaced, or removed, because of failed foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Secretary of Defense is responsible for killing the enemy and breaking things. The Secretary of State and political advisors such as Karl Rove are the ones who are responsible for policy. Rumsfeld carried out the policies. Why isn't Condie Rice the scapegoat? The Army under Rumsfeld did a darn good job of killing the enemy and breaking things, even though there's plenty of enemy left to be killed, and stuff left to break. [Thank Craig for this insight.]


8- The lamestream media told you:
"When the federal government hands out billions of dollars to fund programs that assist the country's neediest residents, Phoenix gets the short end of the stick," according to reporter Monica Dunsmoor recently.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
"When the federal government forces billions of dollars from the public through taxation, then gives it to other people, it violates every principle of the Constitution and the American Way, yet none of the perpetrators are arrested, and instead of sounding an alarm, mainstream reporters like this call for more "funding."

Charity is a private affair. And it's only charity if it's voluntary. The Constitution does not contemplate giving the treasury to any selected segment of the population, as this reporter craves.

Reporters act as if welfare helps, but taking from those who earn money and giving it to those who do not will never end poverty. Wealth redistribution is a proven failure -- the socialist opposite of the American Dream that created the prosperity in the first place. It creates hopeless dependency. When the money runs out, Dunsmoor's economics says take more, forever.

Instead, reduce taxes by the amount "stolen for charity." That economic impact would alleviate more poverty than any theft-and-redistribution program misguided do-gooders can invent.

We should indict a few of the scoundrels to chill other public thieves, and editors promoting socialism should rethink their values and hiring guidelines.



Still time to enjoy The Bill of Rights Day Luncheon, Fri., Dec. 15, 2006 --


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Thanks for reading!
Alan Korwin
The Uninvited Ombudsman


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Good again. Uncharacteristically, two typos. --Dave


Craig's article on the fallen officer doesn't even touch on the increased criminal sanctions that have been legislated for officers, teachers, and other 'government officials' when the offender knows or should have known their victim's role in life. Assaults on mere citizens are elevated to aggravated assault status on one of these. Of course, with 'hate speech' and other protected classes, it is clear that criminals will soon have open-season on adult white males by comparison. --Gary Christensen


Craig, Bravo. Guts and Intelligence; I like that. Best, Jerry Catania, GUN WORLD.
[Thanks, Jerry.  I got an email from a cop who said he found it objectionable, without explaining why a cop's death is more important. Craig.]


Alan, We will not be thrown out of our own home, our own land by those who invaded our continent. We will not allow the thieves (of the wealth of resources of our continent) to call us thieves. We will not allow the foreign illegal occupiers of our continent to call us foreigners, "illegals", "aliens". We will not allow our people to be newly terrorized by Europeans (Europeans like Schwarzennegger or Sensenbrenner) or the racist European descendants of the people who committed all these monstrous crimes against our people.

How dare these racists Europeans, these illegal occupiers of our continent, these beneficiaries of genocide, slavery, massacres, biological warfare, and countless other savage crimes, challenge our rights, as the Nican Tlaca, Indigenous people this continent, to move to any part of this our continent. The monstrous gall of these racists, these spiritual sons and daughters of Hitler, to challenge any of our people's right to exist on any part of this continent. --Carlos Zapata

[Your points are very well taken Carlos.
Since everyone has taken from someone else at some point, it comes down to first come first served, and possession is 99% of the law. Then it is a struggle for power. Some world we live in, eh? Alan.]


A brief comment. I just returned from Argentina. We are so spoiled in our country. And I have experienced a similar mind set in other countries I have visited. The Argentines believe that our NRA is one of the most wonderful organizations that a country can have. They are in fear of their gun rights being trampled and only wish they had an NRA to fight for them. They do have a constitutional provision similar in some ways to our 2nd Amend. but their politicians, like a great many of ours, claim it is only for the militia/army purposes. There are also many NRA member there. They cannot understand how so many in our country who shoot and hunt and own firearms are not members. --Bill Berlat


Hi Alan, good as usual, but you might want to clarify that it is "Franks, Barney" as opposed to "Franks, Trent." Bread and circus? Yes, sad but all too true. Thx, Landis


Alan, you said, "d) President Bush will have to use his unused veto power." Oops, you missed it by three months. --C.D.
[You're right, should have said his once-used veto power.]


We are privileged to carry this insightful analysis of current news. It is very popular with our readers, judging from the traffic statistics. --Nancy Mathis, American Daughter


As usual, thanks for all that you do for the rights of, and the education of, citizens for their RKBA, and setting the reports right from the lamestream media. It is a good return to the use of, and high regard for, the rights of the citizen. It is, again, thanks to the efforts of citizens like you, advocating, and helping to restore, the belief in the US Constitution, and the rights of the people contained therein. Take Care, Jerry B. Coleman


Good morning, Alan -- I am a new subscriber to your newsletter via exposure through Buckeye Firearms Assoc., for whom I am a Volunteer Writer, Northwest Ohio. LOVE your site AND insight. --Bob Harsanje


Hi Alan: It's refreshing - and encouraging - to hear someone else articulate what I've thought for a long time now, that the State considers a police officer's life worth more than mine. They can wear guns to protect themselves in places I can't. They can shoot me dead if they're in fear for their lives, but if Mr. Fish shoots a crazy man running at him after two gracious warning shots are fired, he goes to prison [refers to a Prescott school teacher victimized by the system].

The press here seems like the State-run press in a repressive country. Don't know if that's a mind set or simply lazy reporters printing the garbage police PR departments squeeze out. Or both. Anyway, thanks. Like finding a software bug, now I know it's not just me who sees the problem. --Mike Palmer <><


We give voice to different perspectives, and yours is very welcome and well thought out. Our first print edition hits the streets in December. Regards, Art Merrill, Editor




WE'RE MOVING -- JAN. 1, 2007!!
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If you can read this, thank a teacher.
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