Arizona Gun Owner's Guide 

by TrainMeAZ, LLC
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The first of its kind ever produced in the state, this is a comprehensive directory of the $1 billion Arizona gun business from commercial, industrial and consumer perspectives.

Before this was produced by Scottsdale-based TrainMeAZ, LLC, no one had any real idea of how large the industry was, and the size took people by surprise. When you add in hunting and economic impact, the business easily exceeds $2 billion annually.

This first edition will become a collector's item on top of being an invaluable tool for helping the industry connect to itself, and aiding in sales, political and legislative goals. An easy-reading 8.5 x 11-inch guide, each firm's listing includes complete name, address and phone numbers, and where available fax numbers. Most entries have websites and many include email addresses as well. Every company is briefly described and categorized for easy identification.

The Arizona Firearms Industry Directory, $20
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About TrainMeAZ

TrainMeAZ Goals

What makes Arizona the gun-friendliest state

Breakdown of the economic output of the
arms and ammunition industry in Arizona, 2012

Why firearms companies should consider moving to Arizona

Directory of 313 Arizona firearms manufacturers,
retailers, ranges and ancillary firms with addresses,
contact information and descriptions

The Aerospace and Defense Factor

The Game and Fish Connection

Contributing Sponsors
with contact information

Letters of support from
Governor Jan Brewer
Representative John Kavanagh
Former State Attorney General Bob Corbin
CATO Institute Chairman Bob Levy

"Where to Shoot" GUN MAP Rate Card



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 The Arizona Firearms Industry Directory, $20
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