Jan. 28, 1999
Contact: Felicity Bower


Police may regain crime-fighting revenue stream

The Brady Handgun law, which now controls all retail gun sales in America and requires an FBI background check, has an unexpected bonus for police departments nationwide. In years passed it was fairly routine for police to resell firearms gathering dust in their property offices. Concern over rising crime and political correctness pretty much ended the practice, and its revenue flow.

Unfortunately, the revenue stream was substantial—police used it for equipment, training, field gear and more—and it has been lost. The money now goes to dealers and eventually gun makers and importers, whose new products sell in place of recycled ones. Manufacturers actually support meltdowns because they know it bolsters their bottom line.

"If you can buy guns from some mercenary low-life gun-lobbyist dealer, you certainly ought to be able to buy one from your own police force, for crying out loud," said Alan Korwin, author of seven books on gun law, including Gun Laws of America. This directs the cash flow at stopping crime, he says. "The socially responsible consumer who buys a gun from the police is taking a bite out of crime." Now that all retail gun buyers are FBI-certified honest Americans under Part 2 of the Brady law, there's no reason to continue melting perfectly good property, Korwin says. "It is abusive waste of a public asset and should cease, now that the FBI regulates all retail gun sales." Whether FBI control of gun sales is what the founding fathers intended remains a big constitutional question, he notes, but it is currently the law, affirmed last year by the Republican-controlled Congress.

"The way politicians are acting, you'd think the Second Amendment grants a right to melt guns." Korwin has released a white paper on the subject, written with Richard Shaw. Shaw holds a masters degree with honors from Harvard University and is the former owner of Phoenix-based Shooter's World. You can call for copies or get one here on our website.


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