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Do you write all day at your job?  Are you an expert in your field?  Gain the credentials, prestige and extra income that publication brings.  It's easy when you know how.  A special on-site program for businesses. 

On Getting Published 
Somehow, you go through school, learn to read and write, and never learn about getting published.  Or even think about getting published.  Somehow, getting published seems difficult or impossible.  It's for someone else. 

That's bunk.  Is it holding you back? 

The most important thing you can do with your writing skills is to use them to see your name in print.  And it's not hard to do. 
In fact, it's easy–if you do it right. 

The one requirement: 
You must have a decent command of the English language.  If grammar, spelling, sentence structure and basic writing are problems for you, stop right here. 

But if you write at work, doing letters, memos, reports and whatever else comes your way, then it's high time you got yourself published already. 

Haven't you ever read something in a magazine and said to yourself, "This is awful. I could do better than that!"  Well, you can...  publications are dying for well written, easy to read pieces on everything you can name.  Including whatever it is that interests you. 

This class, based entirely on the real-life world of free-lance writing, shows you how to finally get yourself into print. 

How To Get Yourself Published At Last is designed for delivery at your site, and includes an optional follow-up session. 

Learn how to structure an article so you can just fill in the blanks and be done with it. 

  • Learn how to reach editors, 
  • find out what they want, 
  • and then give it to them. 
It's called, 

Get the tips and secrets it takes to succeed in this crazy business: 

Secret No. 18b: Don't start out with books.  
Writing a book is an enormous task–bigger than you realize.  It can overwhelm the budding writer in you, and never even get finished.  Start instead with a magazine or newspaper article.  Write the same thing you would put into your book, only less. 

Three or four typewritten pages are all you need, and they can be published right away. Authoring a book typically takes years. 

A good magazine has more circulation than most books ever have, the credentials are almost as great, and the exposure is greater.  You'll be developing credibility you need to land a good book deal when the time comes.  And if you do a series of articles, you can literally write your book, a small piece at a time, and get paid for it all along the way! 

If that makes sense to you, take the rest of the class. 
Especially good for companies  
Many companies freely share their expertise and reap enormous benefits.  They become better known in their industry, which tends to increase market share.  The publicity value is priceless and the effect on the staff is totally plussed–it's a no-cost employee benefit.  You needn't reveal any trade secrets, just impart valuable information.  A firm whose people are published looks good.  Supporting and encouraging employees who want to get published makes sense. 

Getting published:  

  • Boosts your career 
  • Raises your self-confidence 
  • Earns you extra cash 
  • Lifts your spirits 
  • Establishes credentials 
  • Provides a platform for your opinions 
  • And it feels reaallly good 
Plenty of nuts and bolts. 
Writer-editor etiquette • The main sales tools pros use • The standard reference and style guides of professionals • Proper manuscript format • Finding the right editors and placing your stories • Contract language and deal terms • Horror stories to watch out for • Glory stories you can aspire to • Basics of copyright protection–and why the pros aren't worried • Where to get help whenever you need it • Much more. 
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