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A Message from Michael Lynch

What is the 2nd Amendment Unity Symbol?

The 2nd Amendment Unity Symbol is a graphic representation of a common bond between people, businesses, and groups committed to maintaining our freedoms granted in the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. It is offered freely to be displayed on letterheads, web pages, brochures, signs and posters to let others know they are fighting for a common goal. I have authored the following mission statement that should be conveyed to all with interest in displaying this symbol:

    In an effort to foster a commitment to support and defend the 2nd Amendment of the U. S. Constitution, the Unity Symbol will represent a bond among the American people and represent those businesses and organizations in a way that these Americans will know that their money and efforts are being utilized for the right to keep and bear arms for recreation, hunting, and defense. The Unity Symbol, proudly displayed, will ensure a friendly and supportive atmosphere wherever Americans go.
Why was it created?

Before I can answer this question, I must first state what the 2nd Amendment means to me. At the birth of our nation, Our country was ruled by a government that did not give individuals any freedoms. People were told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Our forefathers were tired of being controlled. They felt that the people were the ones to have the freedom. They believed that the people should make the laws. And that the people should govern themselves. They strongly believed that no one person or group should have control over another in a free society.

The people owned guns. Every household had a firearm that was used to put meat on the table, protect their property, and protect their lives. This was a common practice because the new world was a hostile environment and most of the land wasn't developed enough to sustain farming and industry. The law was in each individual's hands. Most homesteads were miles apart with no contact with any source of law enforcement.

I believe our forefathers added the second amendment for two reasons. First was to preserve the individual's right to keep and bear arms to supply food to his family and to protect them from anyone that tried to take that right away. Second was to protect the 1st Amendment. Many people throughout history have been jailed or even executed because of what they said. The people of this country were about to say some things that were considered treasonous and without-a-doubt against the current laws. The people were granted the right to keep and bear arms in order to protect and defend their right to free speech. If it weren't for the Constitution, this would not be written today, at least not without repercussions.

To answer the question, "Why was it created?", I felt that it is necessary, as it was over 200 years ago when our Flag was created, to have something that the people can recognize as a symbol of the 2nd Amendment freedom. With so many groups claiming to fight for that freedom, the NRA, GOA, SAF, etc., I found it difficult to select the one that was really fighting for that freedom. I have very limited income, so I can't join all of them. Granted, the NRA is the biggest and does have the most influence when it comes to politics, but do they really focus on the 2nd Amendment right? Do any of them? Thus the reason for the symbol. Anyone, any business, or any group that displays this symbol tells me that they support the 2nd Amendment and are committed to maintaining that freedom.

Now this is where the controversy starts. By 'committed' I mean that the 2nd Amendment gave us that freedom without controls. No waiting period. No background checks. No CCW restrictions. No capacity restrictions. No action or appearance restrictions or bans. Sure, felons should not have guns. As far as I'm concerned, those that break the law give up those freedoms. That's the reason for punishment. As far as children with access to guns and gun accidents, we gun owners must be responsible with them. Teach them from the start. The first five years of their life is the most important learning stage. Take advantage of it. And suicide, although quicker, not easier, and more successful with a gun, will continue.

Copy this symbol. Display it proudly. Let fellow gun owners know that you support the 2nd Amendment. That is the sole purpose of the symbol. Anyone altering it or using it for other means are simply trying to infringe on that freedom. If find anyone using the symbol for other means, like HCI, etc., I will express my 1st Amendment right to tell the world about it and then use my 2nd Amendment right to protect it. An application for copyright is pending to protect the symbol from misuse. Please send comments and requests to The symbol is available in many formats and will soon be available as stickers and other printed forms. Did you put the symbol on your web page? Why not link it here!

Thank you,

Michael A. Lynch

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