NICS Archive

Complete Text: Published Rules on operation of (NICS) from FBI

Complete Text: Published Rules on operation of (NICS) from ATF

NICS Is Running Late, Press Release (November 18, 1998)
Janet Reno misses key deadline. Can the National Instant Check System (NICS) 
legally go into effect?

Will NICS Be Late?, by Alan Korwin (Nov. '98)
Final FBI and ATF Regs Have Been Published

TODAY IS NICS DAY! October 31, 1998, by Alan Korwin
By missing today's deadline, The Justice Department
can't legally start on time.

The NICS Report Followup, by Alan Korwin (July '98)
Breaking news on the FBI gun registration proposal, gun tax,
plan to halt sales nationally, foreign involvement in database, HR 3949

NICS Summary of Findings, by Alan Korwin (May '98)
Detailed account of the components of the plan, BATF proposed regs,
national ID cards; commissioned by Gun Owners Foundation.

The NICS Report, by Alan Korwin (May '98)
The National Instant Criminal Background Check.
Widely published overview of the federal gun registration and tax plan

Edited / Partial Schematic of NICS System , (Nov '98) 26k

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