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Executive-level phone training lets you breeze past the switchboard, charm the secretaries, and reach decision makers or anyone else you seek.  High powered techniques which other classes don't even touch can help you shake the world from your desk chair.  

Does this sound familiar? 

  • The receptionist refuses to put your call through
  • You can't get past the secretary
  • The key exec won't take your call
  • You can't even find out who the key executive is
  • You can't get the appointment
  • Promised callbacks never arrive
  • You play an awful lot of phone tag
  • You're all ready to sell but no one wants to talk about buying
  • You're afraid to even pick up the telephone sometimes
  • You want to play hard ball on the phone but you just don't know how
  • Telemarketers get the better of you
  • You get the runaround as one person after another says, "You should talk to someone else,"  –and you're put on hold seemingly forever... 
Just what is PHONE POWER? 

"Phone Power is what you get when you learn that using the telephone is not about having conversations, it's about playing a power game."  The phone company discovered this fact and promoted it in hopes of increasing phone use before the big breakup of "Ma Bell."  The information never spread very far. 

There are specific rules that apply, special dialogs to use, and techniques that work with uncanny effectiveness. 

Phone Power techniques are easy to learn.  The key is to know what they are and then practice for perfection. 

If you don't know the rules, you don't get results.  When you understand how to play the game, you can shake the world from your desk chair.  That's Phone Power! 

Get through to almost anyone, and leave a happy trail of smiling faces and supportive friends along the way.  It can be done.  You can learn how. 

Don't waste another precious moment on powerless calls.  Get yourself some Phone Power already. 

Fire up your phone calls!  Phone Power classes are held all year long.  Just call for current schedules.  Or ask about customized sessions focused on your specific calls, held at your site, at your convenience. 

Here's what Phone Power will do for you: 

  • Reduce or totally eliminate the hassles of getting past "the screeners"
  • Give you confidence that you can in fact reach anyone you need to!
  • Improve your ability to get valuable information by telephone!
  • Find the decision makers!
  • Let you make friends at every level of a company's phone hierarchy!
  • Structure your calls so you get the most done in the least time!
  • Use incoming telemarketers for practice, instead of just hanging up on them!
  • Amaze your friends, outperform your competitors, and make your peers green with envy!

  • Leave out the red carpet for next time! 
    In Arizona 602-996-4020
    Nationwide 800-707-4020 
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