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Statement of Purpose

I've noticed that people in the gun-rights struggle keep making a critical mistake. There is too much focus on the facts (which clearly support gun rights) and not enough awareness of what moves politics ahead.

It's not about winning a debate or being right. It's about convincing the other guy. Can you see the difference?

So I'm introducing an entire new slant to the books we carry. We're the place to go for the gun laws, but now I want us to be the place to go for winning the gun-rights battle too. That means thinking outside the box.

It's time to stop winning debates, and start winning friends and influencing people. We're now offering books that cut thru the BS and tell why things work the way they do, and how to fix it.

It's time to ease back a bit on 2nd Amendment studies (most of us know a ton anyway, right?), and instead get really effective at bringing about change, and winning the hearts and minds of the unwashed masses.

Take a moment to assess your own effectiveness, and consider getting better at protecting your precious rights. The other side so often kicks our butts at this. It's time to kick back, hard.

Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America


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