by Alan Korwin

My deepest heartfelt condolences went out to Bill Cosby, whose work I have enjoyed since the days of I Spy, on the loss of his son. Words failed in expressing the sorrow I felt for his tragic loss. No parent should have to bury a child. The murderer who committed this horrific act deserves swift and sure punishment.

I find it reprehensible that some public figures have seized on this and other tragedies to pursue personal agendas regarding the civil rights of Americans who choose to keep and bear arms. I urge the news media and the public to remain aware that:

    1. Efforts should focus on stopping criminals, not disarming honest Americans. Guns are already banned for criminals. If the media or the authorities try to convince you that the only thing left is to legislate guns away from the law abiding, do not be fooled by this politically motivated whitewash. Taking guns from honest people cannot and will not stop murderous highway robbers.

    2. It is totally and completely illegal for a criminal to even touch a gun, or for anyone to use a gun in any crime whatsoever. Do something, anything, to get the criminals off the streets, using all the good laws we already have on the books. We need enforcement and judicial process, not more paperwork from Congress that promises to do what no prior paperwork has ever done.

I support programs that will shortstop youngsters from entering criminal careers. In the meantime, we must protect ourselves from the element in society that regularly and with impunity preys on the public. We must contain the really bad ones longer, and reduce the rate at which they leave and return.

I call on Mr. Cosby, reportedly one of the world s richest men, to build memorial prisons with funds he can raise, that our government cannot afford to spend, and to support the apprehension and incarceration of as many criminals as humanly possible.

More than half the crimes committed in this country are done by people who should be in jail but for the space and ability to house them all. We must catch more murderers. We must stop releasing murderers.

We added 50,000 more police officers (maybe 100,000), yet Attorney General Janet Reno reported recently that arrests have dropped. Dropped! This is an outrage. Only one arrest is made for every five serious crimes reported in America, the FBI tells us.

If it's true that you want to stop criminals, and you add large numbers of police, arrests should go up not down. This is where a fix is so sorely needed. Too many criminals face no consequence of their actions. And the authorities convincingly sway public opinion with nonsense about arrest rates. Declining numbers of arrests, with crime so prevalent, is a really bad sign folks.

Little could be more dangerous or deadly serious than being stranded on a roadside in a luxury car, a target of every thug who happens by. Police are not stationed at the scene of an attack to protect you, only the attacker and the victim are present. A loaded defensive firearm might have averted the Cosby tragedy, but was essentially prohibited by law.

Isn't that a cold irony. In its dubious wisdom, the government had outlawed the honest, leaving the weaponry to the outlaws. Do nothing to further this agenda.

We have no ability to keep drugs out of this country. A total ban on firearms will accomplish the same thing. Criminals will import them by the freight load, while the honest will be left empty handed. Criminals will arm themselves. Sorry, that s history.

We cannot, must not, ban firearms for the good, in the name of stopping the bad.

I implore anyone who would deny our historical right to keep and bear arms to re-focus your energies instead on the criminals. Any effort that disarms criminals has my support. Efforts that tend to disarm good and honest people must be suspect and are counterproductive to the safe society we all seek.


Touch a gun
Get a gun
Try to get a gun
Buy a gun
Try to buy a gun
Use a gun
Sell a gun
Have a gun
Give a gun
Make a gun
Fix a gun
Point a gun
Shoot you
Shoot at you
Shoot at all
Hit you
Hurt you
Threaten you
Molest you
Restrain you
Harm you in any way

There now. Don t you feel safer? We have outlawed every connection between outlaws and guns. The only thing left is to outlaw guns for the rest of us but why would you do that, unless your goal has nothing to do with stopping crime.

Alan Korwin is a full-time free-lance writer and author of seven books on gun law, including Gun Laws of America Every Federal Gun Law on the Books with Plain English Summaries. Permission to reprint this article is granted to non-profit organizations, provided credit is given to Alan Korwin, Bloomfield Press, Phoenix, AZ. All others, just call us.

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