I took this series of photographs on April 24 and 25, 2005,
while Brad Beebe and I worked the Minuteman Project line
near Naco, Arizona, on the Mexican border.
To keep the size of the file manageable there are only a few
images per page. Use the scroll buttons to see them all.

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As sunset falls dramatically over the Huachuca Mountains, it is obvious that the hills and vegetation provide excellent cover for the masses sneaking into America, but that crossing rural Highway 92 undetected is a significant challenge, assuming anyone is there to watch.


My friend and fellow Minuteman Brad Beebe is standing at our watchpost on the line, position 9, on the east side of rural highway 92. From this vantage point it would be impossible for illegals to sneak across the road undetected. We are about three or four miles from the actual border, on one route illegals often take to make their way inland. It was a comfortable spot for us, with shade and other Minutemen within shouting distance all along the highway. The far side of the road was all private land and home sites, which we diligently avoided out of respect.


Huge concrete culverts passed under highway 92 to allow storm drainage to flow. Big enough for a person to walk through erect, illegals typically used the cover these provided instead of crossing the road itself. Naturally, Minutemen stationed themselves within view of these passage points, rarely more than 100 yards apart and often much closer. You can see a volunteer's vehicle parked on the far side, where both road and culvert could be observed.

Next set of photos
Previous set of photos
Read the eyewitness report

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